MissThatchaphon Phongsaphatcharamon
ผศ.ดร.ทัชชภร พงศพัชรมน
MissThatchaphon Phongsaphatcharamon
Department : ภาควิชาฟิสิกส์
Room : 1410
Phone : 4330
Mobile : 0994419161
E-mail : siriporn.p@ubu.ac.th

BSc    Physics Khonkaew University   THAILAND

MSc   Materials Science   University of Alberta CANADA

Ph.D Physics  University of Waterloo CANADA (2018)




- Biomaterials for bones and dental implants, artificial heart valve,cancer therapy and alzheimer disease

- Drug delivery

- Semiconductor Simulations and Modelling: computer simulation of deep level transient spectroscopy from energy gap of semiconductor, modelling of fabricated MO/TiO2 P-N heterojunction solar cells and photo-detectors, defects in semiconductor

- Theoretical Biophysics: protein adsorption, biosensor development, drug delivery and protein folding.

- Polymer Physics, Polymers under confinement, Liquid Crystals


  • 2019-2020 Research grants from

    1. Ubon Ratchathani University under the project named “Denatured Protein Adsorption on Poly-Ethylene Oxide Surface: “computational modelling with molecular dynamics methods”



    2. Biodiversity-based Economy Development Office (Public Organization) (BEDO) Thailand under the project named “Fabrication of bioactive ZrO 2 nanotubes with antibacterial properties on Zr metal for potential applications in bone implants



    2017 Grants from

    University of Waterloo, Graduate Experience Award University of Waterloo, International Doctoral Student Award



    2010 – 2017 Grants from

    Royal Government of Thailand scholarship under the program ‘Strategic Scholarship for Frontier Research Network’ (SFR) of Thailand’s Commission on Higher Education



    2003 – 2009 Grants from

    Royal Government of Thailand scholarship under the program ‘Development Promotion of Science and Technology Talents’ (DPST)


  • 2013-2018 Teaching assistance at University of Waterloo CANADA

    2018-present Lecturer and researcher

  1. 1. Siriporn Pansri and Suttinart Noothongkaew, MWCNTs/r-GO hybrid films fabricated by layer by layer assembly for supercapacitor electrodes, Journal of Energy Storage. 22 (2019) 153-156.

    2. S. Pansri, R. Supruangnet, H. Nakajima, S. Rattanasuporn, and S. Noothongkaew, Band offset determination of p-NiO/n-TiO2 heterojunctions for applications in high-performance UV photodetectors, J Mater Sci (2020) 55:4332–4344.

  • 1. fabrication of nano-sized biomaterials (TiO2 ZrO2 nanotubes, ZrO2/ZnO nanoparticles)

    2. characterization of surface morphology, topography, crystallite size, crystallography, bioactibity and antibacteiral property of nano-sized metal oxide and biopolymers

    3. atomistic molecular dynamics (Amber, Gromac, NAMD), molecular mechanics (Amber, NAMD) and coarse-grained Monte Carlo simulation of biopolymers;

    4. numerical simulations of semiconductor materials and devices;

    5. design and fabrication of surface plasmon resonance biosensors;

    6. scientific program development in C and Python;

    7. data visualization with Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD), Paraview, Octave, and Gnuplot