Asst. Prof. Dr.Jeerapat Stoner
ผศ.ดร.จีรภัทร นุตริยะ สโตนเนอร์
Asst. Prof. Dr.Jeerapat Stoner
Department : ภาควิชาฟิสิกส์
Room : PHY1406
Phone : 4239
Mobile : N/A
E-mail :

Ph.D. Physics, University of Bristol, UK 

M.Sc. Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

B.Sc. Physics, with first class honor, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Award and honour
  • Research grant from Chubu Science and Technology Center (CSTC) Japan

    Research grant from Ubon Ratchathani University, Fiscal year 2017

Research grant
  • Development and Promotion of Science and Technology talents project (DPST) scholarship, Thai Government

    Office of the higher education commission scholarship, Thai Government

    Post Graduate Travel Grant, University of Bristol Alumni Foundation


Working experience
  • Research Experience:

    2015-2016: Postdoctoral researcher at Shinshu University, Ueda, Nagano, Japan 

    Mar 2015: Visiting researcher at Shinshu University, Ueda, Nagano, Japan 

    Teaching Experiences:

    2016-Present          Household Electrical Appliances in Daily life, Material characterizations Laboratory

    2013-2014               General Physics I, II

    2009-2012               First year physics laboratory Demonstrator, University of Bristol, UK

    2005-2008               Teaching Assistant, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

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    Conference Presentations

    1. "Synthesis of Ru@Pt nanosheet model electrocatalyst by Surface Limited Redox Replacement"  CARISMA 2017

         conference, Newcastle, UK, April 2017

    2.  “Epitaxial growth of Pt monolayer by surface limited redox replacement” Electrochemical Society of    

          Japan conference, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, March 2016

    3.  “Activity and durability of Pt films during formic acid oxidation” Ednano 9th conference, University of Porto, Porto,

          Portugal, November 2012

    4. “Growth of Pt films on Au(111) via Surface Limited Redox Replacement (SLRR)” Electrochem 2011 Conference,

          University of Bath, UK, September 2011

    5. “Growth of Pt films on Au(111) via Surface Limited Redox Replacement (SLRR)” Great Western Research

          Conference, Bath, UK, June 2011

    6. “Growth of Pt films on Au(111) via Surface Limited Redox Replacement (SLRR)” Ednano 8th conference,

          Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, March 2011

    7. “Surface alloying during Pb underpotential deposition on Au(111)” Electrochem 2010 Conference, University of

          Wolver Hampton, UK, September 2010

    8. “Surface alloying/dealloying in Pb/Au(111) system”, 217th ECS Meeting, Vancouver,  Canada, April 2010


    Poster Presentations

    1.  "Model electrode study of Ru@Pt core-shell nanosheet catalysts: Two dimensional growth via Surface Limited 

          Redox Replacement"  J. Nutariya, E. Kuroiwa, D. Takimoto, Z. Shen, D. Mochizuki and W. Sugimoto,

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    3. “Atomic design of nanoalloy electrocatalysts”, M. Mercer, J. Nutariya, D. Fermin and N. Vasiljevic, Electrocatalysis

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    4. “The Influence of Surface Structure on Interfacial Processes”, B. Rawlings, J. Nutariya, N. Vasiljevic and W.

         Schwarzacher, Great Western Research Conference, Bath, UK, June 2011

    5. “Combined in-situ studies of Pb underpotential deposition (UPD) on Au(111)”, J. Nutariya, N. Vasiljevic and W.

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    6. “Surface alloying during Pb underpotential deposition on Au(111)” , J. Nutariya, N. Vasiljevic and W.    

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